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Premier Services

Quick Turnaround

We understand your needs are immediate. From initial quotes to product completion, our experienced agents follow your product through all stages of the manufacturing process to provide you with updates on your product’s status.

Bulk Runs & Contract Manufacturing

We offer you the flexibility of having your products in bulk capsules, tablets, powders, powder sachets or fill-form daily packets. We also offer animal nutrition with superior human grade raw ingredients.

Private Labeling

We have the expertise to walk you through the manufacturing process from start to finish. Bring your ideas and we will help you make it a reality.

Product Development

Whether you have a current formulation, are starting fresh with new ideas, or choosing to add a new formulation. We are here to help you from development to finished product. We will always respect your right to privacy with your custom formulations -a promise that is backed by a full non-disclosure agreement.



Quality Assurance

We can offer you the assurance that the quality of our services and products exceed industry standards as we have regular inspections from the FDA and the Washington State Department of Health. Our full-service, in-house laboratory coupled with our hand-selected third party laboratories assure the quality, purity, and potency of your raw ingredients, starting from when they arrive in our warehouse to when they leave to be delivered.

Assembly & Packaging

The process of assembling your product is followed by our quality control team, production assurance department, production managers and your sales agent who all help to ensure that every detail is followed through on. We understand your packaging is the image of your business, which is why we offer full-service packaging options. Talk with your sales agent today.

Bulk Raw Ingredients

If you are looking for a bioavailable, high-potency, pure ingredient, then you need to find the right raw material supplier. Following NSF guidelines, our Rigorous Vendor Approval Program maintains a robust hazard analysis program that reviews the potential risks associated with each ingredients manufacturer.

Label Compliance

Ask your sales agent about how we can help. FDA compliance with label regulations is key to having a smooth business model, to help guide you through these regulations, we continually educate ourselves and stay up-to-date with the latest information about policies and protocols. Is your current manufacturer up to speed on PROP 65? We help you avoid unnecessary litigation by helping you be compliant.


We offer many different options for capsules such as those sourced from plants or gelatin. Capsules can be ordered in any color, including clear, or monogrammed. Whether you are looking for a finished product or bulk capsule run, we can offer you both.


When dosage sizes are a concern, tablets are a great option for high-potency supplements. We offer many different sizes and configurations of tablets to choose from.

Bulk Powders or Powder Sachets

Want a bulk powder run? We can do that. We offer many different forms and options for you to choose from including sports powder, whey protein shake, an effervescent drink with maximum absorption, a powdered supplement for children or those who have difficulty swallowing pills, and even powder sachets. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Fill-Form Daily Packets

It is difficult to find a manufacturer that does fill-form daily packets, but rest assured because First Priority Manufacturing has this capability. Fill-form daily packets are a great option for samples or single servings of your best-selling product.

Let Us Save You Money

In the current economy we understand your need to save money without sacrificing quality.

We are dedicated to providing you with all of the above!

Collaboration on the Fine Details

We understand that starting the journey of a private brand can be overwhelming. We are here to help you through, from formulation details to final shipping to your warehouse.
Perhaps you have a current manufacturer but you feel the need for a new start, an updated quote or worry that you are missing vital information such as PROP 65 compliance or FDA compliance testing on your brand. This is where First Priority Manufacturing can help. Our sales agents are fully trained and capable of walking you thru these fine details.

Next Steps

Start your private line of vitamins today by requesting your free quote.


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