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Dietary supplement capsules come in a wide variety of options because every company has their own ability to stand out within the nutritional supplement industry.

Your story is unique so make sure to be noticed! You can vary your look by the capsule you choose.

You can chose not only a soft gel or hard shell capsule, but also a vegetarian capsule or not.

To make your brand stand out, try a colored capsule, available in any color to match your branded look.

Capsules also offer an enteric coated or sustained release option if your nutraceutical is time-sensitive.













Advantages of Capsules

Easier to swallow for most individuals.

Capsules can be easily opened to dissolve the powdered ingredients in food or liquid if needed.

Unique ingredient combinations are possible.

Protection for sensitive ingredients.

Reduced gastrointestinal irritation.

Less likely to have odor or taste.


Oil- and fat-soluble nutrient delivery.

They break down in the stomach quicker than tablets.

Pick your deliver method: time-released, enteric-coated, pH-released or delayed-release.

Wide variety of colors available.

Monograph your brand on capsules.

Choose between gelatin or vegetarian options.