Advantages of Using Tablets

  • High-potency multivitamin per serving due to its compressibility.
  • Typically less expensive.
  • Color coating
  • Can come in custom shapes and sizes.
  • Scoring for dose splitting.
  • Chewable options available for a larger demographic of individuals.
  • Sizing options
  • Coating can be controlled to offer fast, time-delayed, extended-release, or enteric-coated.
  • Easy to swallow
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Our tableting capabilities are only limited to your formulation and design options. If you are looking for high capacity and low order minimums with coast to coast delivery ask for your free quote today.

If you are looking for delivery outside of the United States, ask your sales agent as we have approval for exporting to ten other countries.




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Scored Vitamin Tablets

Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent Tablets

herbal vitamin tablets, multivitamin,

Herbal Vitamin Tablets

Bulk Color Coated Vitamin Tablets

Color Coated Tablets

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Many Die Cut Tablet Options

multivitamin tablets

Multivitamin Tablet

Bulk Vitamin C Tablets, Bulk Zinc Tablets

Round Vitamin Tablets

Chewable vitamin tablets

Chewable Tablets